I started making knives “full time” in late 2019, having been an avid knife nut and collector ever since I can remember. I’ve always a huge love of being outdoors, surrounded by nature, and always found myself needing a knife for multiple tasks. When it comes to defensive and edc knives, I believe in today’s world, it’s not a bad idea to carry one, and learn how to use it. With that being said, my training is not extensive, and I don’t consider myself a master at knife fighting, or any fighting for that matter. However, I have trained in a few martial arts with emphasis on knife work, thus giving me a reasonable grasp on the dynamics of wielding a blade.

Beard Man Bladeworks first started selling custom knives in 2019. What started as a hobby, was painstakingly refined. Today Beard Man Bladeworks prides itself on handcrafting custom knives at affordable prices with a global distribution network. Our knives can be classified into two main categories: Defensive Knives and Outdoor Knives. All items are individually made, including the sheaths. Most items are available online for order, but all custom designs and requests are welcome.

– Steve